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Candice Horbacz (more commonly known as Eva Lovia) is a former adult entertainment star, wife, mom and podcast host.

Candice is the type of woman you cannot pigeonhole. In fact, the evolution in her career path has been a transformation.

She is a former adult entertainment performer, an entrepreneur in the production and Web3 space, an organizer of spiritual retreats centred on psychedelics and wellness, a mother to two boys, a wife, and the podcast host of Chatting With Candice.

Her mission is to inspire people to expand their curiosity, think independently, and not be afraid of our own messiness.

This was a wonderful and wide ranging conversation; so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Episode Outline

  • 06:55 Consensual non-monogamy: The roadmap to a customized relationship
  • 15:16 Breaking out of the societal box
  • 19:22 Motherhood insights and how to raise masculine boys in a world that demonizes men
  • 25:06 The divine feminine and learning to lead with softness and being honest with yourself about trade-offs
  • 33:33 Being aware and radically honest with your own bullshit
  • 38:39 Why exploring your body and/or sexuality is an underrated tool for self-discovery
  • 41:39 The differences in sexuality between men and women
  • 46:35 Dealing with insecurity and jealousy in relationships, and how porn can help your relationship with yourself and your partner (and when it becomes toxic)
  • 52:38 What constitutes failure in a marriage or relationship

Key Points

  • We can be in a relationship that most of society doesn’t understand or agree with. We need to honor that sacred union that makes sense for us. Likewise, what works for someone sexually probably won’t work for another. Breaking out of the societal box and making peace with what makes you tick is all about accepting that every human being has to contend with their own unique desires.
  • Jordan Peterson famously says that, “There is nothing more dangerous than a weak man.” Men should not act small in order for women to feel safe. In fact, what makes a woman feel safe is a man who steps into his strength, his healed masculine. That means embracing vulnerability, which doesn’t mean being a sobbing mess but, rather, being in control of one’s emotions. It means being unafraid to display the full spectrum of emotion but being able to discipline oneself and lead when the time calls for it.
  • Unlocking your divine feminine comes down to realizing that you’re protected in your vulnerability. By being soft, open, and surrendering, your circle, your tribe, step up to protect you. Many modern women may push back against this, but the question they need to ask is: “Am I thriving as a woman the way I’m living my life now?” For most women, they’ll find that there’s something missing. It’s definitely still possible to be a high-achieving woman all while tapping into your divine feminine via surrendering in every aspect of your life.

Powerful Quotes by Candice

  • I find porn to be a great amplifier. It’s almost like a psychedelic in itself. It forces you to look at painful things and areas that you need to evolve and grow in.
  • Be curious and not judgemental. What could you learn about someone if you approached them with curiosity and not judgement?
  • You’re protected in your vulnerability.

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Candice Horbacz

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