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Taryn Marie Stejskal Ph.D. is an international expert on resilience, mental health and wellness.

She is the Founder and Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) of the Resilience Leadership Institute. Prior to founding RLI, she served as the Head of Executive Leadership Development & Talent Strategy at Nike and Head of Global Leadership Development at Cigna.

She is considered the #1 international expert on resilience, mental health, and wellbeing in leadership and life and her work has been featured by Forbes, TEDx and NBC amongst others.

She is the author of the new book The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People – why some flourish when others fold which is available for pre-order now and will be available everywhere books are found from April 18th.

Episode Outline

  • 05:14 What got Dr. Taryn into the study of resilience
  • 11:54 How resilience breaks us out of our vulnerability cage
  • 17:06 How vulnerability instead of being the opposite of resilience is the cornerstone of resilience
  • 23:18 Eliminating “should” from our vocabulary
  • 30:10 Productive perseverance—knowing when to maintain the mission and when to pivot to a new direction In the phase of diminishing returns
  • 35:29 The practice of connection
  • 37:44 The multiple choice question for connection
  • 47:05 Why telling your story about what you overcome becomes part of someone else’s survival guide

Key Points

  • Because resilience is the essence of humanity, it already exists within us. This gives us the perspective needed to remove the objection that we “aren’t resilient enough”. The five practices of highly resilient people allow us to enhance the inherent resilience we have.
  • You can’t be resilient if you aren’t vulnerable. A hardened attitude toward adversity and trying to stay unchanged through tough times. We are all fundamentally and forever changed by every experience we ever have. By refusing to change, we block our ability to identify and recognize our resilience. We have to face challenge, change, and complexity head-on. Vulnerability is allowing our inside self—our thoughts, feelings, and experiences—to match the outside self that we share with the world. This leads to energetic alignment: congruity.
  • The most resilient people are not the ones who stayed the course nor the ones who pivoted in a new direction despite a challenge. It was dependent on the environment and to use your own emotional intelligence to decide the best course of action from there. In other words, resilience is not about not giving up. It’s about recognizing the intelligent pursuit of a goal when we continue to pursue that goal despite challenge, while recognizing the point when it’s time for a pivot.

Powerful Quotes by Dr. Taryn

  • Resilience is the essence of being human.
  • Vulnerability is the cornerstone of resilience. It’s the first practice of highly-resilient people.
  • “Should” signals a sense of shame. “Should” is often the space between what exists today and where I think I ought to be.
  • When we start from a place of need, we start from a place of lack.

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