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This is part two of a two-part episode.

DDP is a WWE Hall of Famer, 3X World Champion, Founder & CEO of DDPY, Actor, Author and Inspirational Speaker!

The DDP story IS the heart of DDPY, a fitness program born out of necessity and reality. After years of wrestling injuries, including a broken back, DDP developed a real-life workout that completely gave him his life back. His thinking was that if it could work for him, why not share it with others who want to own their lives again too?

Dallas has had some of the most inspirational transformations I have ever seen and is not just changing lives with his programs, he is also doing it with his online presence, his book Positively Unstoppable – The Art of Owning It and combinations of docu-series and films.

In today’s show, we go into:

Episode Outline

  • 03:01 Brian’s UK tour
  • 10:10 About the Change Or Die Docu-Series
  • 16:16 What to expect when you join the members-exclusive DDPY Facebook Group
  • 20:28 Arthur Boorman’s incredible transformation story
  • 23:37 The necessity of failure and how and why you need to build self-discipline
  • 30:29 The difference between yoga and DDP yoga

Key Points

  • If you don’t believe in yourself or the goal you’re striving for, don’t bother trying. You must have enough self-belief to fuel the work ethic required to achieve your desires. And that includes the belief that you and you alone can take control of your environment.
  • So many people are afraid of failure. That’s why they hesitate to take the leap into something that may not even be incredibly difficult, but simply new. But everyone who has succeeded in anything has failed countless times. They understand that failure is part of the process.
  • Another reason most people fail to start is because they’re looking for “motivation”. The truth is, motivation more often than not comes later, long after you’ve already started. What actually gets you going, and sustains you when motivation inevitably isn’t there to fuel you, is self-discipline. Self-discipline is about making yourself do what you ought to do, especially during those many times when you don’t feel like doing it. And sometimes, just showing up and putting the work in, as you promised yourself, is good enough.

Powerful Quotes by DDP

  • Work ethic equals dreams.
  • There is not a successful person on this planet who will tell you that they’re motivated. They’ll tell you that they’re disciplined
  • Discipline is the truest form of self-love.
  • Without commitment, there is no start. Without consistency, there is no finish.



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