Today on the podcast:

Adrian McDonnell is a highly established Online Transformation Coach.

I’m currently working with Adrian in my business mentorship program; so if you’re struggling with that ‘skinny fat’ look – check out his online coaching below.

Previously a primary school teacher for over four years, Adrian decided to follow his passion and pursue a career in fitness when he started seeing first-hand the results he could achieve with himself before helping his clients do the same.

Training has turned Adrian’s life around from the inside out and this passion inspired him to help others transform their bodies,improve their performance and feel more confident about themselves through the McLifestyle Coaching Method.

He specializes in helping clients lose belly fat, stubborn body fat and transforming anyone that is skinny fat. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’ show: 

  • Working out vs training and how there is a BIG difference
  • How to eat and train if you are skinny fat
  • What you need to know about stubborn body fat
  • Book recommendations 
  • Your in-built self-sabotage thermometer 
  • And much more. 



About – McLifestyle Fitness | Online Fitness Coach | Personal Trainer | Nutrition Coaching | Tuam, Co.Galway


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