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Jaymie Moran is a weight loss expert and founder of Body Smart Fitness.

His expertise has garnered him a substantial following of over 1 million followers on Instagram, where he regularly imparts valuable insights and tips on weight loss and fitness strategies.

He and his team specialize in helping busy professional women get in the best shape of their life while still enjoying life.

His goal is to help them feel more confident, empowered and energized through nutrition built around their lifestyle, training that is tailored to their goal and most importantly a winning mindset that will allow them to achieve the health, fitness and confidence they desire.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast:

Episode Outline

  • 03:50 Becoming a women’s weight loss expert
  • 09:57 The importance of celebrating small wins
  • 13:15 Going from hate to acceptance to love with your body
  • 19:02 Why the all-or-nothing mindset can work great in some areas of your life but terrible for your nutrition
  • 22:33 The diet and nutrition BS to avoid online
  • 27:07 Underrated weight loss tools
  • 30:40 The role of fat loss supplements
  • 32:34 The importance of moderation
  • 36:09 What you need to me mindful of with the body confidence movement
  • 38:52 Knowing how to set the next goal after accomplishing your last one

Key Points

  • Most people who struggle with their weight have done so for years, so it’s very easy for them to give up almost immediately when they don’t see visible results from a new weight loss program right away. To combat this, practice celebrating small wins. In this way, you won’t have to deal with the overwhelming challenge of going from hating your body to loving it in a short time. Instead, you’ll learn to go from hating your body to simply accepting it as you progress through your weight loss journey.
  • The biggest obstacle to weight loss is the perfectionist, or all-or-nothing mindset. Health and wellness is a lifelong journey. Accept that some days are going to be worse than others, and that you won’t be able to predict when those down days happen.
  • Supplements are just that: supplemental to your weight loss plan. Focus on the big rocks, or the foundational elements without which ingesting all the greatest supplements in the world are rendered useless. Those foundational elements are: consistent training, consistent sleep, eating fewer calories than you burn in a day, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of steps in every day.

Powerful Quotes by Jaymie

  • Ultimately, if you want to make a consistent and sustainable change, you have to start believing that you’re a fit and healthy person.
  • Don’t go from hate to love right away. Instead, go from hate to acceptance.
  • If you want to be body-positive, you have to be willing to be health-positive first.

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Jaymie Moran

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