Today on the podcast:

Today’s podcast is a solo episode. 

As opposed to a recap podcast or even going through what happened in detail (as I sum that up in about 5 minutes) – I talk through some of the mindset elements I struggled with the most: expecting the unexpecting, just because something is difficult doesn’t make it valuable, not forcing things to happen etc

Hopefully there is a value here regardless of what stage of life you are in or the difficulties you may be currently going through. 

Short written recap: 

As some of you know, I flew out to Kyrgyzstan (beside China) to run 200km over five days up the Tian Shan mountain range. The plan was to hike for three days to acclimatize to the altitude and then run for 5 days up Tian Shan; but unfortunately, after picking up an infection in the capital Bishek, I only made basecamp 1 before I got hit with severe sickness. 

Here’s the story about it and what I learnt from the experience. 


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