Today on the podcast:

Dr. Andrea Grayson is a behavior change communications consultant who teaches about Public Health Communications in the Master of Public Health Program in the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. 

Her life changed in 2016 when she suddenly realized that she had been concealing a lifelong dependence on sugar and carbs beneath a web of denial (“It’s just a sweet tooth”) and rationalization (“I’ve been good so deserve a treat”). 

After she taught herself to quit, she started helping others do the same by creating the program Breaking Free from Sugar, which has helped over 3,000 people successfully reduce how much sugar they eat. That program is shared in her book “The Sweet Tooth Dilemma”.

In today’s podcast, we discuss all things sugar and what we can do to get it under control to improve our waistline, mood and energy levels.

Here is what we talked about: 

  • Processed and refined vs natural sugar – what you need to know 
  • The difference between sugar and food addictions 
  • The porridge to avoid when trying to manage blood sugar levels 
  • The 5 pathways of sugar dependency 
  • Sugar misconceptions 
  • The non-obvious things to avoid
  • And more







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