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Rob Lipsett is an athlete, physique competitor, youtuber and entrepreneur.

Most of you will know Rob, either from following his massive YouTube channel of over 470k followers and his Instagram page with over 650k followers, but this is also his hat trick appearance on the podcast. 

He was on all the way back on Episode 80 and again for episode 205 (both will be linked in the episode description).

On top of running, owning and being a part of several businesses, he is also the host of the podcast The Game Plan (named after his best-selling book) , which can be found everywhere podcasts are found. 

Rob is always brilliant to speak with and I think this third episode is the best yet. 

Here are some of the things we talked about on today’s podcast: 

  • Where motivation comes from
  • Monk mode and when to use it to get sh*t done
  • Deep work, being productive and finding passion in your life 
  • The question everyone needs to ask themselves regularly 
  • The importance of choosing the right spouse or partner 
  • Learning from past relationship and business failures
  • And much more. 


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Fuel Cakes | by Rob Lipsett

Rob’s first appearance:

Rob’s second appearance:

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