Today on the podcast:

Solo Q+A with Brian. 

All questions sent in through Instagram brian_keane_fitness – feel free to follow if you’re not already and like, review and subscribe to the podcast if you found any of these questions helpful. 

1.     Can you eat too much protein in a single meal? 00:53

2.     How to get more leads in my business? 07:33

3.     I have lost almost 20kg but struggling with my new body and people commenting. 08:55

4.     Tips for how to correct and reduce overactive traps? 15:41

5.     Are audiobooks as good as physically reading? 22:52

6.     I’m a GAA player, why am I so sluggish come game day even if I have a rest day and did a carb load?  25:44

7.     How do I educate my daughter that ‘fat’ isn’t bad for her? 28:26

8.     If my goal is to build muscle whilst running 3km after a bodybuilding session, should I really drop my 3km run? 35:15


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