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Gerry Hussey is the best-selling author of Awaken Your Power Within, a co-founder of soul space and a high performance and health coach. 

His new book The Freedom Within presents us with the secrets of releasing untapped reservoirs of strength and calm to live with more confidence, ease and an incredible sense of inner peace in our lives. 

His first appearance on the podcast episode 341: The Soul Coach Gerry Hussey on The Power Of Letting Go, Awakening Your Power Within and The Path To Your True Self was the most downloaded episode of 2021 so I highly recommend checking it out after this episode if you haven’t listened already. 

We picked up right from where we left off on our first episode together. Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 

  • Chasing the feeling of being enough and how this leads us down a path of toxic people or destructive behaviors 
  • Healing emotional wounds from the past and learning to integrate them so they don’t control you any longer 
  • Why we can only operate out of a place of fear or love – never both.
  • The “unlovable” core wound and working through it 
  • Why learning to forgive yourself is the biggest gift you can ever give yourself
  • The reason we have to face it to feel it to heal it and then we can move on
  • And more. 

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Awaken the freedom within book

Guest Info

Gerry Hussey

The Soul Coach

Gerry is a performance psychologist and also in more recent times been coined ‘The Soul Coach’. He has been in the human health and performance Field for almost 20 years.

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