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Jessica Baum is a psychotherapist who helps individuals and couples restore connection and have conscious relationships. 

She is the founder of Be Self-full®, a company that provides tailored coaching services, helping women empower themselves.  Be Self-full® is her sister company to The Relationship Institute of Palm Beach where she offers psychotherapy services to clients in Florida. 

She is the author of the great book – Anxiously attached – how to heal and feel more secure in love. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show: 

  • The different attachment styles – anxious, avoidant and secure 
  • The behaviors of the activated anxiously attachment and how it gets triggered in relationships  
  • The link of our primary caregivers, how we grew up and what we seek out in romantic relationships later in life 
  • Your inner child,  the secret language of the “little me” pact and core wounds
  • The Anxious Avoidant Dance why they are energetically drawn to one another 
  • Why we can’t heal if we don’t feel safe. The reason our bodies won’t allow it. 
  • The 5 top signs you are in a toxic relationship (gaslighting, you’re the only investor, silent treatment, not supported, they never take accountability) 
  • And more..


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(1)   Jessica Baum, LMHC – YouTube




Jessica Baum LMHC (@jessicabaumlmhc) • Instagram photos and videos

Anxiously Attached book: 

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