Today on the podcast:

David Hartigan is the owner the company Hemp Heroes. 

In today’s podcast, we go through thorough how to use CBD oil for sleep, anxiety or reducing inflammation. 

This has been a game-changing supplement for me and I’ve talked about the benefits I’ve felt from using it in this episode. 

I’m a brand ambassador too so you can use my code briank10 for a 10% off code for any orders through their website.

 Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show:

  • Anecdotal and evidence backed research for sleep and anxiety 
  • The most recent clinical trials and the benefits it can have in your day to day well-being and training recovery. 
  • Choosing the quality of oil and how that can make all the difference 
  • FAQs from Hemp Heroes 
  • Main misconceptions people have with CBD
  • The exciting new plant based area Hemp Heroes are expanding into with their sister company

10% OFF code: BRIANK10

Hemp Heroes website:

Hemp Heroes Instagram.

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