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Ben is a nutritionist, educator and speaker from the UK and has the UK’s number 1 health and fitness podcast Ben Coomber radio (which everyone listening should check out).

Bens journey started when he was 16 years old and obese, he struggled to lose weight and suffered from IBS, ADHD, eczema, poor energy levels and had posture due to his lazy habits as a teenager

Over the last 10 years, Ben has helped thousands of people achieve their goals through his books, blogs, videos and podcasts (he has some great ramblings on social media too).

He now spends a large chunk of time educating personal trainers and coaches via the body type nutrition academy, his online nutrition course while innovating and teaching people about supplements at Awesome Supplements. He current travels the world as a public speaker, has a combined total of over 100k followers on social media and is on a mission to help change the worlds health.

For more information on Ben, check him out below:

Book recommendations:
Paul Chek – How To Eat Move and Be Healthy

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