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This is episode 92 of my business podcast ‘The Online Business Podcast’ – you can subscribe to it everywhere podcasts are found. 

This is a press record and talk podcast about my journey in business from 2011-2021. 

It goes through my failures, my successes and how both were equally as important as each other on my journey.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill 

  • I qualified in 2011 and made three separate attempts to get my business up and running. 
  • Renting a gym and seeing ‘0’ in my bank account for the first time
  • How I spent 2014/2015 in the gym trading time for money (and used competing as leverage to build more awareness)
  • Reading Crush It and starting social media in 2014
  • 2016 was my first 6 figure year
  • The next logical step – scaling up my business model with the BKF online program (then my top 50 program)
  • I niched the GAA Lean Body market and ran a major ad campaign on Facebook to move up another level 
  • Transitioning into other markets with courses and programs to serve my current audience
  • The reason I started the podcast and how I used it to grow my brand and leveraged that to speak (corporate and then my own seminars)
  • Getting rejected by 14 publishers for The Fitness Mindset and the route I took after
  • Writing my first book as a pre-qualification for my program
  • Hiring more people (full time and free lancers) to continue to scale up and get my time back to focus on my IGT’s. (income generating tasks)
  • How you can do it – niche, test things, bud a brand, be consistent and patient but pivot when things aren’t working

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  1. How To Move Your Personal Training Business Online
  1. How To Scale Your Online Health Or Fitness Business (1:1 to 1 To Many)

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