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Today’s podcast is in partnership with LetsGetChecked who offer testing on everything from testosterone levels and thyroid function to vitamin deficiency and celiac testing.

My URL for LetsGetChecked:

 Use code KEANE30 at checkout for 30% off your entire order.


 The first 7 minutes of today’s podcast talks about how to go about testing for: 

  •     Testosterone
  •     Thyroid
  •     Vitamin 
  •     Cortisol
  •     Iron 
  •     Celiac 


And the cod is KEANE30 for 30% off any of the tests below: 



The full episode (45 minutes) talks about how to boost your testosterone naturally by making some dietary and lifestyle changes. 

  •     Nutrition – testosterone superfoods and foods to avoid or minimise.  19:14
  •     Alcohol and sleep – the negative impact of too much alcohol on estrogen levels and how to focus on quality sleep (deep REM cycles) vs quantity of sleep (broken, poor quality sleep).  34:19 / 39:16
  •     Supplements that can support it your testosterone levels and the ones that are a complete waste of money!  45:27


About LetsGetChecked: 

LetsGetChecked is all about personal health testing, making healthcare and health screening open and patient-led, empowering people to use technology in a simple but powerful way and giving greater control of their personal health.


Your Convenient Laboratory Test Provider | LetsGetChecked


Code: KEANE30 for 30% off

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