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Today’s bonus podcast is switching things up a little bit. Instead of talking all things health, fitness and mindset, we turn our attention to business; specially building an online personal training business.

If you’re a personal trainer, run a health and fitness business or want to move online in your area of expertise, this is the podcast for you.

This is a bounce back and forth episode going through our business models.

Episode Outline

  • 06:01 Rebeccah’s journey in business and moving online
  • 12:17 The most frequently-asked question Rebeccah gets about moving a business online
  • 15:34 Why you need to build systems and processes from the very beginning
  • 19:59 The importance of expanding outside of social media to build a business
  • 24:24 How Rebeccah uses her website to build and automate her business
  • 26:40 The hardest thing about having an online business
  • 32:37 The best thing about having an online business
  • 35:30 How to rise above the noise
  • 39:00 Finding your niche
  • 43:50 Rebeccah’s current coaching model
  • 50:38 Rebeccah’s parting advice for those thinking about starting their own coaching business

Key Points

  • Managing a business online is far more difficult than is commonly perceived. It’s not all about setting up a website, laying on the beach, and waiting for the money to flow into your bank account. To get your business online, you need to lay a ton of groundwork which will oftentimes keep you working into the early morning. Systems don’t spring up out of thin air. You need to establish your digital footprint and process for attracting and retaining clients, which will take a significant amount of time and even money before some semblance of stability finally kicks in.
  • From the very beginning, plan out a system that you’ll put in place to make sure your business model is sustainable. Starting your online coaching business (or any business for that matter) is very exciting at the beginning, and we often won’t mind working 16+ hour days for a couple of weeks or more when it’s all fresh. But eventually, you will crash if you don’t have systems in place for you to be able to step back, make time for yourself, and live a life outside the business.
  • Know your niche and stick to it no matter what, as long as you’re absolutely sure you’re serving the people you want to serve. Rebeccah initially tried to open her training to men at the advice of some of her peers and, of course, many requests from guys wanting to take part in her programs. But after giving it a shot, Rebeccah knew that training guys wasn’t what her brand and her passion is all about, which is empowering women by giving them an exclusive space. Be confident in what you want yourself and your business to be known for and never budge.

Powerful Quotes by Brian and Rebeccah

  • Don’t be a busy fool. The problem with running your own business is that there’s always something to do, and if you don’t have the right systems in place, you can have your day running you versus you running your day. ~Brian
  • When I initially started, I worked myself to the ground. I wish I had worked smarter. I was doing hours and hours and hours of training as opposed to having a better system. ~Rebeccah
  • Building your business on social media is like building your house on somebody else’s land. ~Brian
  • When you have your own business, you’re always on. Yeah, you’ll have a day off every once in a while, but if something goes wrong, you have to be the one who needs to fix it. ~Rebeccah
  • Don’t take advice from people you wouldn’t switch positions with. ~Brian
  • Just because you, yourself love going to the gym and you love training and you’d spend two hours in the gym every day, that doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy training other people and helping them progress. ~Rebeccah

Rebeccah O’Rourke

Online nutrition and training coach

Rebeccah is an online nutrition and training coach and the owner of Team ROR. Her message is about empowering women through making yourself a priority.

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