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This episode first aired 18th January 2019 

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Orla qualified as a Dietitian from Kings College London. She initially 

obtained an honors degree in Physiology from Trinity College, 

allowing her to apply her detailed knowledge of the human body to 

the nutritional management of conditions and diseases. Since then 

Orla upgraded her BA in Physiology to an MA in Physiology and went 

on to achieve a Masters in Clinical Nutrition at Roehampton 

University, London. 

She is one of my ‘go to’ people when it comes to the latest research on topics and I love her ability to argues the pros and cons for nearly any dietary approach.

If you struggle with weight or fat loss, are on the autoimmune spectrum (thyroid issues, IBS, PCOS) or want to know how alcohol affects your sex drive (for the guys), then this is a must listen. 

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