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This episode first aired 25 Feb 2019

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Today’s episode is a Solo Q+A and gets very heavy on the mindset side of things. It goes through a lot of tools and tactics that I apply in my everyday life from getting up earlier to dealing with my fear of public speaking. I also go through a lot of the things I’ll be covering in my new book out later this year so if that’s something you’re interested in, give today’s episode a listen. This is a press record and talk episode so I hope you enjoy it.

1)   Why do you go to bed early and get up early? Is it more productive or better for your body that way?

2)   Any tips for public speaking?

3)   Top 3 tips for life in general?

4)    How do you keep positive?

5)   How do you deal with haters and people who come at you with negativity?

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