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This episode first aired 19th November 2018 

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I’m the process of writing my third book centred around mindset so  I’ve jumped all over the place today.

I’ve gone off on a million tangents but I know these episodes normally go down very well as 

I’m just thinking out loud for most of it.

I hope you enjoy it. 

My second book about sports nutrition and strength and 

conditioning for GAA players (titled: GAA: Leaner, Stronger, Faster) will out before Xmas. 

Even though these are the three questions, I’ve jumped around with topics such as mental health vs. mental illness; journaling to easeself induced anxiety and stories from my early bodybuilding days, my fear of running through the desert and my own crippling issues with 

self-sabotage over the years. 

As a non-runner, how do you motivate yourself to put in the miles  


Did you spend large amounts of time reading about fitness, the body, mindset etc.?

You’re very knowledgeable and I wondered how youdid it?  28:02  

I listened to your podcast on how to deal with negative 

people…before I say anything else- it was amazing!!  However, I have 

one huge issue- I think I’m that negative person to myself! HELP!  


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