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The Men’s and Women’s Build Muscle, Tone Up and Lose Fat 6-Week Program

The Men’s and Women’s Build Muscle, Tone Up and Lose Fat 6 Week Program has two full training programs (for women and men) and I am personally tracking and monitoring the first 50 people in a Facebook group for the entire 6 weeks.

We will have an online community where you can post recipes, tips and anything that will support you or any of the other top 50 members. I will also be doing weekly Q+A’s exclusively for the group (two per week for the first 3 weeks)- if you’ve seen any of my Facebook or YouTube videos, they follow a similar layout, they are just exclusive for The Group. Its basically online personal training a group setting 😀

The Beginner Program is for those who are training for the first time or have taken a long break from working out and a Pro Program is for intermediate or advanced trainers who have been working out for at least a year. You choose which one suits you best and follow the links, videos and plans.

The Program includes a detailed Nutritional Plan with everything from meal timings to what foods to use over the next 6 weeks and a ‘Shopping List’ where you can build your own plan as the weeks go on.

Also, The Nutritional Plan is designed in such a way where it is open so that you can personalise it yourself with your own preferences using the foods and timings from the list; there’s also a full sample week to use as a guide while you find what meals, foods etc. you like best.

The 6 weeks Training Program and Nutritional Plan will give you everything you need to get in great shape, the explanations video and the weekly Q+A’s will give you everything you need to sustain and maintain it long after the 6 weeks!

There is also a full 5 day home workout option (I send this directly) for those who cannot or don’t want to join a gym or for those weeks when you cannot make it to the gym. This is normally sold at 100 euro by itself but I’m giving it for FREE with anyone on this program.

The Program includes:

  • A Male and Female 6 week Training Program with videos and exercise cards demonstrating every movement
  • A Nutritional Plan with different meals every day (so you don’t get bored) and a shopping list to ‘build’ your own nutritional plan.
  • A Full Supplement Guide so you understand the importance of what supplements to use and how to use them effectively.
  • Over an hour of video content (split through each section) to explain ‘how and ‘why’ you’re doing everything including an FAQ video to go over everything from what happens if you miss a meal to food allergies.
  • 6 week online tracking through Facebook Group with weekly Q+A’s.
  • FREE 5 Day Home Workout Program (worth 100e)

Each program is limited to 50 people so once its full, you will have to wait until the next round of 6 weeks programs.


Contact with ‘Online Top 50’ as email heading for cost or to reserve your place for the next round of Top 50.

The Build Muscle, Tone Up and Lose Fat 6 Week Program

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