Today on the podcast:

Orla O’ Flaherty is a herbalist, naturopath and nutritionist who specialises in female health.

She’s also one of my closest friends, and we go deep on hormones (for women and men) in today’s podcast.

This one is worth saving for a couple of relistens as there is knowledge bombs left, right and center in today’s episode.

Here are some of things we talked about in today’s podcast.

  • Her background and how being sick as a teenager lead her down her current career path
  • Cortisol, estrogen and its impact on female fat loss
  • The contraceptive pill – what stops it working (a must know for anyone who sexual active and using this form of birth control) and what supplements or foods can minimise the negative effects of PMS.
  • How to increase male and female sex drive and what to avoid that brings it down.
  • Thyroid – managing underactive or overactive and its effect on your metabolism
  • Fixing fertility issues
  • Why food is medicine
  • And much more.


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