GAA Lean Body Program

The ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Program. Look amazing and improve performance


I designed the GAA Lean Body Program as a ‘best of both worlds’ program- to have a leaner, more athletic physique AND perform better.

For anyone following my a while you know that I completely ruined my body doing a bodybuilding program in the height of football career- granted, I looked good but my performance was the worst its ever been and I felt like I was getting injured every time I played a game.

To be completely honest, I designed this program with the ’19 year old’ me in mind, it’s for the guy or girl who want to look great and play great. When I started training first (or even 4 or 5 years in), I didn’t realise the importance of training correctly for sport (and that you could look amazing if you did it right); I didn’t know how to eat properly for a leaner physique; I had no idea how to use supplements to make me a better athletic and massively speed up my recovery and I thought recovery meant ‘stretching after training’. This program is designed to allow you to look lean, athletic, toned and perform better than you ever have previously.

Each Program is based on YOUR goals

Each program is designed depending on your specific goals, for example: if you are a girl looking to a lose body fat and improve performance, your program is going to be very different from the guy looking to build muscle and improve performance.

Before starting, you will be sent a questionnaire- once you fill out all your details, you will be sent the training program, nutritional plan, supplement guide and recovery regimen based on your specific goals.


This program is based around two main training systems: time under tension to allow your body to shape better, tear more fibers (for greater muscle size or tone and elevation in metabolism) and strength and conditioning style circuits and metabolic conditioning training (to further increase metabolism, burn body fat, greatly improve aerobic fitness and improve overall strength and body composition).


Depending on your specific goals, your nutrition will based around your priorities. If losing body fat and improving performance is your goal, then your nutritional plan will be based around that. If you are looking to bulk up and improve performance, you plan will be based on that. There is a full sample program (Monday-Sunday) and a ‘build your own nutrition’ section where you can customise your own plan. You can choose whether to follow the sample exactly as it is, build your own plan based on your preferences or use a combination of both (my personal recommendation).


Your nutrition is 90% of it and supplements can and do aid in recovery but are not essential but what supplements to use, their specific timings and where to get them are all included. Again, the list will be based on your individual goals.


Every gym-based workout has a full recovery routine based on myofascial release, tension release and optimal hip flexor movement (to improve glutes ‘firing’)

How Long Can I Do The Program For?

This program has two separate designs – an ‘in or during season’ program and ‘off season’ program (you will get both).

The ‘in season’ is a 3 or 4 day gym based split (depending on your pitch schedule that week) with carb refeeds around weekend games (to ensure maximum performance and metabolism spikes every week)- there’s also a full recovery session at the end of each gym workout to allow for greater recovery between workouts and increase performance through increased mobility and ‘glute firing’ techniques.

The off season program is a 5 day gym split with increased cardio (as you wont be doing pitch based training) to allow you to stay lean and fit in your off season.