BKF Online Program

Are you looking to transform your body and mindset for the long term?

The BKF Online Program could be exactly what you’re looking for.

This program is based around using high intensity workouts (at home or in the gym) alongside high quality foods (with loads of recipes) to help you transform your body composition for the long term.

My goal is to build a nutritional strategy with you that include foods that you enjoy that fit into your lifestyle and schedule and is in alignment with your specific goals. This combined with the right training program and certain supplements is the key to short AND long-term success.

  • Full training program based around your goals and training level that mixes hypertrophy, metabolic conditioning and HIIT cardio
  • Nutritional plan based around your specific goals which includes The BKF Online Recipe Book with 24 fat burning and post workout refuelling recipes
  • Supplement guide to help improve your recovery, muscle building and fat loss goals
  • Over an hour of video content (split through each section) to explain ‘how and ‘why’ you’re doing everything including an FAQ video to go over everything from what happens if you miss a meal to food allergies
  • FREE 5 Day Home Workout Program (€100) when you sign up
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What you Get


Full nutritional plan

You’ll be eating easy to prepare, tasty food that gives you more energy and improves your performance in the gym and throughout the day. The menu will include foods that help you build muscle, lose body and improve recovery from workouts and get your body primed for building muscle, burning fat or both.

  • Pick the version that is based around your specific goals
  • All your calories and macros will be calculated
  • 24 incredibly tasty recipes to include
  • Includes burgers, curries, pancakes and other favourites
Full training program

Full training program

Your training program has 5 different workouts that you can do in the gym or at home. You pick the program based around your specific goals and training level.

  • 5 hypertrophy, metabolic conditioning and HIIT workouts
  • Exclusive workout videos for each program
  • Train between 40-50 minutes
  • Workout when it fits into your schedule at home or in the gym
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Online support

Weekly check ins through Instagram DM with Brian and group Q+A’s with Brian in a private Facebook Group for 6 weeks

  • Get support and motivation
  • Accountability and tracking
  • Specific changes around any injuries or nutritional preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there coaching with Brian on this program?
Is it a one size fits all nutrition plan or will Brian help me with the food side of things?
I’m a fussy eater, can the program work for me?
Can I do the program at home?
My start date isn’t for another few weeks, do I have to wait until then to begin?
Week 1
Week 6
All I have to say is positive things about this programme. I loved the format, having a group of people to chat to and share ideas with and learn from. I've learnt so much from Brian on how my body should be fuelled, outlook on life and training technique. I was never hungry and had zero cravings. The programme resulted in my energy and strength going through the roof too


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