Full Day Business Builder Seminar Galway

Location: The Clayton Hotel, Galway City
Date: Sunday April 21st 2024
Time: 10am – 5pm
Max: 12 People
Cost: €500 per person


Lyndsey Barnwel

LB Fitness

Loved this seminar! I literally gained so much from it and was buzzing to get to work to make changes. I had the cost of the seminar made back with my very first change to my day to day workings! Recommend it to anyone!

I'm keeping this seminar small (12 people maximum) because I will be using your business, or future business if you're just starting off, as examples throughout the day.

If you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire before the event. Here I will be using your answers (anonymously) to create the content and specific examples for the seminar.

However below are some of things we will definitely be covering on the day.

Who this seminar is for:

Who this seminar is NOT for

**This seminar is continuous professional development (CPD) and is a 100% tax write off for your business. VAT receipts can also be provided upon request**