Some Useful And Dumb Sh*t I Learnt In 2018!

  • By Brian Keane

Tomorrow’s podcast is titled ‘The Top New Things I Learnt This Year! (Fasting, Running, Sauna, Writing)’ and it’s a lot more health, fitness and mindset based.

Today’s post is just some random stuff that I learnt over the past twelve months.
They vary from my own experiences or books that I’ve read to tinder recognitions, red heads and the Dublin football team.

Some are fitness and life related and may be potentially helpful. Others are random and stupid (but I only found out this year so they made the final cut, lol)

Anyways here there are.

Also I turned 31 this month so in keeping with that theme, I’ve made the list 31 things I found out in 2019.

  1. Fasting is brilliant for mental clarity (even if its crap for building muscle in my experience).
  2. Hearing the ‘Keto diet’ being pushed in the mainstream as a great fat loss diet for the general population physically hurts my ears!
  3. The book ‘The Autoimmune Fix’ is the best thing I’ve read on IBS or leaky gut
  4. If you run your own business and haven’t considered starting a podcast, you are missing out big time!
  5. That ‘rapier’ is a real word i.e. I have a rapier wit.. This is in reference to the famous line from the Dumb and Dumber movie “tell her I have a rapist wit” – that joke took on another level of funniness (also may not be a real word) when I learnt this.
  6. Everybody has an opinion on what you do, so you may as well do what you love as people will judge you regardless.
  7. Turning 30 feels WAY older than turning 31.
  8. As an Arsenal fan, I want Liverpool to win the league this year, as Jurgan Klopp is the man!
  9. This current Dublin football team are nearly unbeatable when it comes to championship!
  10. Leonardo De Vinci was homosexual (after reading Walter Issacson’s book on him)
  11. Albert Einstein was shagging and ended up marrying his cousin (after reading Walter Issacson’s book on him)
  12. Steve Jobs was a bigger w*nker than I ever imagined! (Again, after reading Walter Issacson’s book on him)
  13. The Sahara desert is f*cking freezing at night time (after running 250km through it in April)
  14. Running sucks donkey balls!
  15. Self discipline is built by doing something uncomfortable nearly every day (getting up early, running etc.)  Check out last weeks podcast on this ‘8 Critical Habits For Building Mental Toughness’ for more on this.
  16. Most vitamin supplements probably don’t work (I’ve gone down this rabbit hole seven or eight times this year) – I haven’t made up my mind yet but if your option is the real or ‘whole’ food version vs. the supplement form, the food choice is nearly always better.
  17. If an Asian person and a ginger person have a baby, there’s zero per cent chance that baby will be ginger (after reading Dr Sharon Maleom’s book ‘Inheritance’ about epigenetics)
  18. Engagement rings are popular because they symbolize commitment on the part of the man (after reading ‘why beautiful people have more daughters’, a book about evolutionary psychology). It’s worth noting that ‘nice cars, an expensive watch and designer clothes’ work in a similar way as they normally symbolise status in a social hierarchy.
  19. I have a disproportionate tinder right swipe bias for most red heads and Asians (thanks to Paul Dermody for pointing out this obvious personal preference that I clearly missed for the last 30 years of my life)
  20. Galway would have won another hurling All Ireland if games were 80 minutes long instead of 70 (well done Limerick though)
  21. Scorpions are more dangerous than snakes (they’re more poisonous). Well in in northern Africa anyways (again after running through the Sahara desert in April)
  22. Running still sucks donkey balls!
  23. Labelling and identifying massively with any sport, diet or political stance (crossfit, vegan, democratic etc.) can nearly always be traced back to a ‘tribal bias’ – a trait that possibly kept us alive thousands of years ago in hunter-gatherer groups. (After reading ‘Tribes’ by Sebastian Junger)
  24. The Laws of Human Nature is my new favourite Robert Greene book (his book ‘Mastery’ has been one of my favourite for years!)
  25. The best way to grow old is to have a lived a great life preceding it – from Charlie Munger (the 97 year old billionaire)
  26. If you have kids, the term ‘threenager’ is what follows the ‘terrible twos’ (apparently only with girls though)
  27. You don’t need to eat that much meat to keep your muscle (I eat about a third of the amount that I ate for most of my twenties and actually feel better)
  28. Being someone who is plant based but eats meat is probably a good long term nutritional strategy for health, physical fitness and longevity
  29. Sauna and heat therapy are both incredible tools for reducing anxiety!
  30. CBD Oil is possibly going to be the next big supplement to positively ‘pop’ over the next 12-24 months.
  31. Finally, that we’re evolved apes floating on a rock through space in an infinite cosmos. Stop worrying about dumb shit!

I’m not sure how much this actually helps; hopefully it gives you some decent book recommendations if nothing else though 🙂 lol


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