4 Reasons It Might Be Time To Quit Your Job

  • By Brian Keane

As I mentioned in yesterday’s video, this isn’t a black and white ‘quit vs don’t quit’ argument; but here are some of things that allowed me to make the jump from working full time as a teacher to setting up my own fitness business in 2014.

1: You dread every Monday morning.

As I mentioned on this weeks podcast, I used to get Sunday blues and have to pull myself out of bed every Monday morning. Now, I jump out of bed every on those days because I’m dying to kick off the week. You don’t have to love Monday’s but if you dread them, it might be worth asking why that is.

2: You have a voice telling you to do more.

Teaching was and still is a good job. The pay is okay, the hours are decent and the holidays are great; but I never felt like ‘it’s what I’m meant to do’ – if you have a voice telling you that you were put on this planet to do more, then I implore you to listen to that voice.

3: You only do it for the pay cheque

One of the questions I regularly ask myself is “if I won £100 million today, would I keep doing what I’m doing?”

In 2012, I would have quit my teaching job on the spot (shortly followed by a flight to the Bahamas.

In 2019, I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now. I’d probably hire a few more people (and I’d probably go to the Bahamas for a week), but that’s it.

True, money is important but once all your basic needs are met, do you really need a luxury car, fancy clothes or an expensive holiday? If you’re buying these things to make up for the fact that you hate your job (I’ve done this), then that’s worth questioning too.

4. Fear disguised as practicality!

“Its not safe to leave a secure teaching job to start your own fitness business” – these where the words that replayed in my head every time I considered starting my own business.

Yours might be different “I’ll stick with what I know, I’m good at this job or it pays the bills” – but it’s all fear disguised as practicality. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t make the jump into something new; but I will ask you to consider why you’re not making the jump in the first place.

Is it a story you have told yourself?

Is it fear disguised as practicality?

If it is, then make your decision based from that- not because you’ve fooled yourself into thinking it’s the truth. Take it from someone who did this for far too long.

What are your thoughts? What was your catalyst for making a change. COMMENT on my Instagram wall.

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