Today on the podcast:

Heather is the founder of True Native Media, a podcast representation firm dedicated to connecting podcasts with advertisers.

She is also the host of the great show The Podcast Advertising Playbook and is an expert in all things podcast advertising and teaches podcasters how to monetize their show with ads or sponsorships. She also talks a lot about how you don’t need a large audience to attract advertisers. You need a formula; and tools to get the results you want.

Her company, True native media connect brands with podcasters to develop engaging host-read ads for audiences around the globe. In essence, they are amplified word of mouth and powerful endorsements, that produce results.

Personally, I’m a massive fan of Heather’s podcast so I’m delighted she could join me for today’s episode.

Here are some of the things we talked about: 

·      The different ways to make money from your podcast

·      Using affiliates to monetize your podcast 

·      My transition from embedded to dynamic ads on my Brian Keene Podcast

·      How to prepare your podcast for advertiser 

·      Educating your audience on ads 

·      Going from 0-1 and getting your first podcast sponsor 

·      Her thoughts on podcast-to-podcast advertising 


Heather’s linkedin:

Heather’s website:

The podcast moneymaker course:


Online Business Course:

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