Episode: 90

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Q+A: Managing Client Expectations, Investing In Ireland, How To Move Online, Clients That Won’t Stick To Their Diets, Referrals Systems and Business Books!

Today on the podcast:

On this months episode of the Online Business Podcast, Brian answers your questions from his Instagram.

1.   How to manage client expectations when starting as a new PT?  00:59

2.   How do you manage clients not sticking to your advice but pretending they are and wondering why no there is no change?   08:18

5.   Referral system tips? 18:39

6.   How do you invest your money since you’re living in Ireland? 25:12

7.   Are you going to write a book about business?  30:18

8.   Best way to move online from a 1:1 PT business? 33:56


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