Episode: 97

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Q+A -Turning Enquires Into Clients, Feeling Crap When Somebody Leaves, Aggressive Deficits For Weight Loss, Regular Diet Breaks, Gaining Confidence As A PT and Building Instagram!

Today on the podcast:

  1.   What’s the best way to turn an inquiry into your client? 01:00
  2.   How to get over the crap feeling when a client leaves you? 09:17
  3.   Do you recommend aggressive deficits with clients to ensure they lose weight? 15:39
  4.   Should I put my long term clients on regular diet breaks? 22:18
  5.   How do I get more confidence with running my PT sessions? 28:37
  6.   Top tip for building Instagram?  31:15
  7.   Any advice on kicking off my PT business after having a newborn, I’m newly qualified? 38:00

Online Business Courses: 

  1. How To Start, Build and Grow Your 1:1 PT Business
  1. How To Move Your Personal Training Business Online
  1. How To Scale Your Online Health Or Fitness Business (1:1 to 1 To Many)
  1. Become a Certified Nutritionist! 
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