Episode: 98

Monday, May 30, 2022

10 Lessons In Becoming A World Class Coach!

Today on the podcast:

This solo podcast was inspired by a recent business webinar I did with Ben Coomber (so shout out to him for some of the ideas below).


1.   The power of genuinely listening to your client  01:55

2.   Know how to push your client to achieve more 04:59

3.   Mastering product packaging so you sell something people want 10:32

4.   Audience hijacking so you have an effective marketing stream 14:55

5.   Find a routine that works that balances all areas of your life and motivates you 17:59

6.   Designing your avatar so you know exactly what product, service and content to create 20:56

7.   Discovering your own personal curiosity so you can determine what you find easy that others find difficult 23:54

8.   Over Delivering on what you sell 30:41

9.   Speaking the language of your perfect customer 33:46

10.Using your name and personal brand to branch out into other  revenue streams and market niches. 37:10

Online Business Courses: 

1. How To Start, Build and Grow Your 1:1 PT Business


2. How To Move Your Personal Training Business Online


3. How To Scale Your Online Health Or Fitness Business (1:1 to 1 To Many)


4. Become a Certified Nutritionist! 


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