Do THIS before you press the ‘F*ck It’ button!

  • By Brian Keane

Some of us do it in the kitchen. Some of us do it at work. Some of us do it in the bedroom; but we’ve all done it.

Bang! You slam down on the Fuck it button.

I’ve eating badly today- Bang! f*ck it, I’ll get back on track on Monday.

I haven’t trained in two weeks – Bang! f*ck it, I’ll start back next month.

I haven’t been taking time to myself and I’m stressed out of my mind – Bang! F*ck it, I’ll focus on that in the New Year.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Every time I think of pressing the button, I try these tips first.

1: Hover over the button if you have to, but don’t press it!

When you’ve eaten poorly or missed a few workouts, the temptation is to press that button. I’ve had two beers; I may as well have three, four or five now. I’ve had a slice of pizza; I may as well eat the whole thing.

Next time you feel like pressing the button, hover over it but think about how you’ll feel once you press it. Just ask yourself the question, “what will this piece of pizza, beer or chocolate bar satisfy that the last one didn’t?’ – after that, focus on the next tip, why are you saying no in the first place?

2: Use your ‘why’ as motivation

Sometimes you should eat the whole pizza. Sometimes you should eat the whole tub of ice cream. If you’ve been dieting hard for 6 weeks and want a ‘free’ day to eat and drink whatever you want, then that’s what you do.

The problem comes when it’s unplanned.  Next time you want to press the f*ck it button, think about why you’re doing it in the first place. Do you have a wedding or event coming up that you want to look your best for? Is there a guy or a girl that you want to feel more confident around? As I mentioned in my first book ‘The Fitness Mindset’ – find your why before you set any goal. Your why is the thing that stops you hitting the button on the down days.

3: If you press it, then ‘reset’

If all else fails and you pressed the button, then its time to reset. You’ve binged all day Saturday, cool, don’t let that roll into Sunday. Reset! You’ve missed two weeks of workouts, cool; don’t let that become three weeks. Reset! We all fall off track sometimes, that’s life so there’s not point beating yourself up about it. Its gone, you cant change it; but you can change what you do going forward and rewiring your mindset to ‘reset’ after every slip can be difference between actually hitting your end goal and not. As Trisha Lewis said on our podcast, just adopt the ‘reset mindset’.

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Brian is a qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach.

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