Are you confused about nutrition?

Do you want to educate yourself so you can take control of your diet and make your own nutritional plan based on your goals?


Are you working with clients and want to gain the confidence to design their nutritional plans and have a certificate to back it up?

If yes, then keep reading.

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Nutrition is a science, not an opinion


The science is in knowing what to do.
The art is in knowing how to do it.

Nutrition without context is just a basic food plan.

This course will show you how to do more than that. 

Why is this course different?

This course will give you the education around scientific nutritional principles AND the knowledge on how to apply it to your own life or with clients. Science matters a great deal when it comes to nutrition, but context of individuals lives and situations matters even more.

Course Content

Course Content

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You will also learn what it takes to make any nutritional plan work for you or yours clients by:

  • Learning how to stop separating food into good and bad categories 
  • Understanding the role of behaviour when it comes to dietary change 
  • Realising that you can most diets fit any lifestyle once you are clear on the goal 
  • Experimenting with different nutritional protocols to find the best fit for you or your clients 


Does this course certify to design nutritional plans for clients?

Yes it does as long as your client is healthy with no underlying medical condition. The course will support you with advising nutritional plans for weight loss, body composition change, sports performance and general health improvement. 

Can I work on the public’s health sector with this course?

No. You need an accredited course or third level degree course if you want to specialise in medical conditions. 

Will there be exams or tests?

There are no tests or exams. This course is designed to be down at your own pace and in your own time. Once you complete all the lessons and modules, you will receive your certificate of completion

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes. Once you sign up. You will have access straight away and lifetime access from that point onwards. 

What those looking to design their own nutritional plan are saying

Before completing the Nutrition course I had struggled with getting my own personal nutrition balanced around my trainings/games, having completed the course and now using what I’ve learnt on myself I feel a like my performance and even recovery have improved greatly. The course has given me the confidence to create nutritional plans for others as well as myself. I enjoyed the course especially how you can go through it at your own pace and can always dip back in and out of it for help, It is also a great help how involved Brian is throughout if you have any questions.

John Chambers

Prior to completing the Nutrition Course I had always been on top of my nutrition for the most part, but I now feel much more confident about designing nutritional plans for both myself and for others as well as managing to plug quite a few gaps in my nutritional knowledge. As a Health Psychology MSc student, my focus is on the behavioral and psychological processes that contribute to the maintenance and improvement of peoples’ physical wellbeing. However, I wanted to enhance my nutritional knowledge to compliment what I’m learning at university and to work towards a more holistic understanding of health. The Nutrition Course is comprehensive, digestible and supplemented with up-to-date research papers which allowed me to do a deep-dive into some of the topics that were more applicable to me, my specific sport and the people that I work with.

Sean O’Reilly

What personal trainers and fitness professionals are saying

It is and was hands down the best online course I have ever done! it was so hands on and easy to interpret in my opinion. it is the way forward for learning full stop nevermind just online learning as I would be a very hands on guy and I had such a fear that it would be just slide after slide and an absolute snooze fest but Thank God that couldn’t have been any further from the truth personally and with my Clients it’s really helped me tidy up the couple of bad habits and triggers that was preventing people getting decent results to know absolute smashing there 6-12 week goals.

Sean Gallagher

I’ve been following Brian on social media for a number of years now and absolutely love his knowledge. So as soon as I saw the nutrition course advertised I just knew it would be amazing. I’d been looking to educate myself more on all things nutrition, and boy it didn’t disappoint!! It was fantastic the way I could do it at my own pace and dip in and out when ever I want. There was so much information but Brian explained it all brilliantly and in such a way that he kept me engaged throughout the course. The weekly Facebook Q&A was a great idea as was the lives. Love the fact that we can still gain information from the group even after we have completed the course. I am now confident that I can help family and friends and hope to be able to take on a few clients once I have settled back at work in the leisure club (all a bit crazy busy getting pool reopened and getting routines for classes ready). So to anyone sitting on the fence about doing the course, just go for it, you won’t regret it!!! Thank you so much Brian.

Mandy Kelly

Naureen Hussain

Money Back Guarantee

I believe strongly in the quality of my Nutrition Course. This material will change your life.

I confidently back your purchase with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

If you’re not satisfied, just contact me within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll refund every cent of your investment.

Disclaimer: The Brian Keane Fitness Nutrition Course is a certified course*. This means you’ll get a certificate of completion when you complete all the lessons and modules within the course. This will allow you to confidently design your own nutritional plan or work with your clients advising them on their nutrition. The course is designed to be completed at your own time and at your own pace

*If you want to work in the health sector or public service, you need an accredited or university delivered course.

Who this course is for: 

People who want to cut through the noise online and have all the tools to design their own nutritional plan.

Coaches or futures coaches who want to work advising their clients on nutrition.

Personal trainers who want the certification of completion to further support their clients.

Who this course is NOT for: 

People looking to work with clients with pre-existing medical conditions (diabetes, cystic fibrosis etc). Instead, I recommend a university degree or alternative accredited course for this career path.  

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