Picking the right personal trainer in the New Year 2016!

  • By Brian Keane

Let face it, personal training can be expensive; however the return on your investment: the knowledge received, a fitter, leaner, stronger more focused and goal driven you can make it worth every penny! However, choosing the right personal trainer for you is crucial! Finding the right trainer for you will save you so much time, money and frustration in the long run and it’s vital to get it right!


To expand on this, I heard a wonderfully weird but great quote from a family friend yesterday- I was complimenting his shoes and he just goes “they’re not monkey peanuts” – obviously from my reaction, he knew I didn’t fully understand so he expanded “if you pay peanuts for something, you get monkey; if I bought a pair of shoes that cost 5euro, I would get little from there, I spent 120euro on these and I’ve had them for 4 years and they still look new”.
As random as this quote is, it inspired this blog post; when choosing a personal trainer (one that’s been highly recommended or has numerous testimonials about how good, knowledgeable and caring they are) – price is definitely something you need to consider.
I understand that price isn’t always indicative of quality but in some cases, it is definitely worth spending more to get a better return on your investment.
The reality is, you may learn more from one hour with a 100euro an hour personal trainer than 4 hours with a 25euro an hour trainer, so make sure your ‘return on your investment’ matches what you’re looking for.
A good personal trainer will set you on your own personal path, they will give you the knowledge, information and tools to do it on your own. My philosophy was always to work with my clients for as long as they needed me, give them the tools and the knowledge to ‘go it alone’ and become the best versions of themselves.
If you have a trainer that’s holding back information from you, trying to keep you in the dark (so you feel like you “need” them), stay well away from these types; they’re in it to make money and don’t care about you! A great trainer will care more about you, reaching your goals and setting you on the course to becoming your best version than any dollar amount!
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