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Anna Geary is a multiple all-Ireland winning camogie player, television personality and radiobroadcaster.

A lot of you will recognize her voice from radio broadcasting and recognize her face as one of the coaches on RTE’s Irelands Fittest Family. 

She uses her Instagram page to promote the message of well-being, mindset and over health in general. 

Anna and I first meet for at a promotional event for Welfest in 2018 and later that year I was guest referee on Ireland’s Fittest Family where Anna was a coach. Since then, we’ve had multiple conversations and catch ups (off air) which allowed us to go deeper on some of the topics in todays’ podcast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Here are some of the things we talked about: 

·      The reason sport gave her the mindset to turn any negative into a positive.  

·      Why mistakes and failures are key to success.

·      Your well-being toolkit during lockdown and the importance of self care in uncertain times. 

·      Why a job you hate is like a prison sentence and how we can spend so much time looking for ‘The One’ in our romantic lives whilst never thinking about ‘The One’ job we would love to do. 

·      Finding what you truly value so you’re not always trying to please everybody around you.

·      Why seeing your body as an instrument vs an ornament can improve your body confidence.

·      How to identify the triggers that make you feel insecure and not letting that spiral downwards. 

·      Taking responsibility for your own well-being and making social media a healthy place for you to be.


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