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Charlie Johnson is an online transformation coach.

This is Charlie’s third appearance on the podcast. In episode 238, we talked about avoiding trigger foods, using yourself as a fitness experiment and building a positive mindset.  In episode 255, we did a joint Q+A around the game changers documentary, stress, fats vs carbs, shift work and fasting. 

 In today’s episode we jump into Charlie’s area of expertise. Dramatic transformations and what it really takes to get one. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode:

  1.     The dedication it takes to get a real dramatic transformation 
  2.     What to do if you fall off track at the weekends and looking out for that 8-10pm diet danger zone
  3.     The two main methods of reverse dieting 
  4.     Staying motivated and managing self-doubt on your weight loss or fitness journey. 
  5.     Misconceptions around sustainability that often get overlooked.  
  6.     The main differences between the ‘sustainability’ and a ‘dramatic transformation’ approach.


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