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Rob and Yvonne have been together for 20 years, married 12, and are the parents of two young boys.

Like so many couples and families out there, they fell into the trap of convenient food, takeaways and eating out, thinking they were far too busy to cook!

After their first holiday alone without the boys, they returned feeling tired, overweight and almost depressed. Their weight had increased and their energy levels had decreased, therefore they knew something had to change.

They set themselves goals, supported each other and committed to losing weight together. Over the course of two years, they went on to lose a whopping 13 stone (over 180 pounds).

I’ve been dying to do this episode for nearly a year now; so, I hope you get as inspired from it as I did.

Listen in as we discuss Rob and Yvonne’s journey to losing over 180 pounds in 2 years (and keeping it off), the mindset shift of “dieting” vs a lifestyle change, the only thing you have to give up for weight loss are excuses, new year weight loss pitfalls to watch out for, and self-belief and its importance for long-term weight loss.

Episode Outline

  • 03:39 How Rob and Yvonne were inspired to embark on their two-year weight loss journey
  • 09:24 Beginning the journey after returning from Spain
  • 13:47 Finding out what works for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • 15:29 Ensuring that you continue to make progress along your journey
  • 19:55 Rob and Yvonne’s exercise regimen
  • 24:56 The importance of knowing why you want to lose weight
  • 31:49 What Rob and Yvonne wish they had known when they started their journey
  • 34:30 Building self-belief on a weight loss journey
  • 39:59 Rob and Yvonne’s “favorite diet failures”
  • 44:18 Advice for those who have recently realized that they need to lose weight
  • 48:42 What Rob and Yvonne are most excited about right now

Key Points

  • The most sustainable way to lose weight (and keep it off) is by making a lifestyle change as opposed to simply a diet. Firstly, a lifestyle change always requires tiny, step-by-step changes that anyone can maintain for the long run; whereas diets tend to be more restrictive and more difficult to keep up with. But more importantly, the point of a lifestyle change is to be able to practice habits that can serve you for years if not decades at a sustainable pace. A diet, on the other hand, has a deadline, and always makes way for the danger of you losing all the progress you made throughout the program.
  • Plan ahead. Even if you know exactly what you want to eat and how to work out to put your lifestyle change into action, you’ll be hit with unexpected challenges and even tiny distractions that can derail your progress. Prepare your food the night before, or even over the weekend if you really want to be sure you’re ready for the week ahead. If you have a serious goal, don’t be caught off-guard.
  • Know your purpose. Weight loss eventually has to go beyond the aesthetic. Your overall health is one big factor, but so is your family, as well as your goals outside of fitness (i.e. business or career goals) and your ability to perform to hit those goals. It’s always best to start with a big why before you even begin your lifestyle change so that you start off on the right foot. Keep going back to this why as you go along your journey to fight off the negativity and distractions that you will inevitably face.

Powerful Quotes by Rob and Yvonne

  • If you stick to making small changes, your goals will be more sustainable. ~Rob
  • We’re not going to tell ourselves we’re on a diet. This is a lifestyle change; because we’re going to do this now, and we’re never going to look back. ~Yvonne
  • Eat stuff that you love and do exercises that you love. That’s what makes it sustainable. When you’re trying to eat foods that you don’t really like and it becomes a chore to eat, you’re heading the wrong way. ~Rob
  • If you’re looking to lose weight, the one thing—and probably the only thing—you need to give up is excuses. ~Rob
  • Don’t beat yourself up overweight gain. Just put it behind you and say, “You know what? Tomorrow’s a new day.” ~Yvonne
  • Don’t go for a big goal on your own. Pair up with somebody and become accountable to each other. ~Yvonne

Rob and Yvonne Cullen

As a couple who have lost 13 stone together, we aim to provide healthy recipes and ideas for cooking fab nutritious meals for families and friends alike.

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