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Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London. 

He has won several academic awards and published over 700 academic papers, a large proportion of which relate directly to nutrition and the causes of obesity. Since 2011 he has been leading the largest microbiome project in the UK, using genetic sequencing to study the bacteria in the guts of 5,000 twins. He is the lead investigator for BRITISH GUT, the UK’s largest open-source science project to understand the microbial diversity of the human gut.

He is a prolific writer with several popular science and diet books, the most recent of which will be the focus of today’s conversation.  That book is called Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told about Food is Wrong. 

If you’ve never questioned the conventional “wisdom” when it comes to the food choices you make or you just geek out on nutrition and anything to do with the gut (like me), then this is a must listen. 

 Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast: 

  •     Why personalized nutrition is the way forward and the problem with ‘one size fits all’ diets.
  •     The diet myth and if you look after your gut how your gut will look after you.
  •     The most unsupportive myth for people with fat or weight loss goals.
  •     The optimal diet and lifestyle for gut health.
  •     What do look out for when choosing fish, meat and plants to eat. 
  •     Studying identical twins and what that shows us about weight loss and genetics.
  •     Why you can’t out exercise a bad diet and the importance of gut microbes for weight loss.
  •     Breaking down all the major nutritional misconceptions and myths out there. 


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