Today on the podcast:

Siobhan O’Hagan is a personal trainer, online coach and MyProtein sponsored athlete.

She is currently living in Bali and this is her hat trick appearance on the podcast. In March 2018, we recorded our first episode on living a life of freedom, avoiding fad diets and how putting accountability photos on Instagram changed her life.

In June 2019 for round 2, we talked about relationships with food, the ‘fitness’ identity’ and finding self-love. Today’s conversation is a long overdue round 3.

Here are some of the things we talked about.

  • Her current morning routine and how that sets up her day
  • The most underrated fat loss tool of looking at calories over the week vs day by day
  • Her experience with disordered eating and advice to those struggling with their food or body relationship
  • How to stress less about weight loss by focusing on other areas of your life
  • How to stop caring as much about how you look and the opinions of others
  • Vlogging on YouTube
  • BMI scales and why you should think about ditching the weighing scale
  • Book recommendations
  • And more



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