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Miriam Kerins Hussey is an integrative health and wellness coach, keynote speak and founder of Soul Space.

She specialises in integrative Health and Wellness coaching that focuses on lifestyle as Medicine and getting to the root cause of performance and health related issues as this is the real awakening that allows lasting change and transformative breakthroughs. 

Her style focuses on the mind body connection and integrates a holistic approach to enhanced health and wellbeing.

I met Miriam at the 2018 Welfest event where we shared the stage in a Q+A with dietician Orla Walsh (from podcast 203) and this episode has been a long time coming. There are so many ‘penny drop’ and ‘ah ha’ moments here, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode. 

  • How stress and anxiety has become our ‘new normal’ and tools for moving past it in modern society. 
  • How to build your internal self-compassion muscle 
  • The art of reframing, letting go and the learning to surrender 
  • The importance of mirror and inner child work 
  • How small simple life changes make huge differences to your energy levels 
  • Emotional eating and nutritional well being 
  • And much more. 


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