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Amanda Nighbert is a registered dietitian and fitness enthusiast with a passion and purpose to empower others who want to get back on track and take control of their health. 

Over the past 18 years, Amanda has gained knowledge and experience that has helped her guide more than 34,000 people in their weight loss and wellness journeys. 

With her custom LEAN Program, range of coaching services, and multiple shop offerings, she has cultivated a brand that focuses on giving you the leading tools and resources to help you reach the best version of you. Her goal is to provide the most current, cutting edge nutritional techniques that not only provide results but are also sustainable for life.

This was a super enjoyable conversation with somebody who has a very similar approach to the nutrition as I do so I hope you get loads of golden nuggest from it. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s episode. 

  • Breaking the all or nothing mindset
  • How small daily changes equal big long term results
  • Macros matter. Why macros matter over calories
  • The power of carbohydrate cycling
  • The role of exercise in weight loss
  • Underrated fat loss tools
  • The might as well thinking and resetting
  • 80:20 eating and working through your guilt around food
  • And much more 


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