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Robert Sikes aka Keto Savage is a natural pro ketogenic bodybuilder and CEO of keto brick and live savage apparel. 

His goal is to help educate and motivate every athlete who aspires to become their greatest self and he is also the host of the great podcast The Keto Savage podcast 

Today’s podcast is a Keto deep dive. This is an absolutely must listen if you are interested in learning more or potentially experiment with a ketogenic diet. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast:

·      How carb back loading lead him to accidently falling into a keto diet

·      How keto gave him food freedom and healed his disordered eating relationship patterns

·      Who keto is for and who it is NOT for

·      How long to give yourself to see the benefits of switching to a ketogenic state

·      How training intensity is impacted on keto

·      Dietary ketosis vs fasting ketosis 

·      Foods to include

·      How to accurately track if you are in ketosis or not

·      Exogenous ketones and what you need to know 


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