Today on the podcast:

Kirsten Jackson is a UK registered dietitian specializing in irritable bowel syndrome.

She is a fully trained low FODMAP dietitian and has incorporated this diet into her Take Control method for optimal results.

Before becoming a low FODMAP dietitian, Kirsten suffered with IBS herself. 

After realizing that the low FODMAP diet was only part of the answer, she developed the Take Control method which incorporates a more holistic approach to support IBS sufferers.

As someone who has been an IBS sufferer (although I manage it now) – I needed this podcast so badly several years ago so please share it with anyone you know who may benefit from listening. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show:

·      The problem with low FODMAP diets and what its missing

·      The supplements that may help (and the questions to ask before you start them) 

·      Biggest food triggers (and why they may not be the ones you think)

·      The link between stress, sleep and IBS

·      The mixed opinion topics – coffee, caffeine and fasting with IBS




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