Today on the podcast:

Ali Cunningham is a nutritionist and registered dietician that specializes in subfertility and pre pregnancy preparation. 

She has extensive experience working with people with PCOS and subfertility and contributed to the National Clinical Guidelines for Nutrition in Pregnancy and she has also completed training in Behavior Change, the low FODMAP diet and PCOS.

Today’s podcast is for anybody interested in preparing their body for pregnancy in the next 6-12 months. 

Although the plan was to focus was on female fertility, we talk a lot about how men can prepare too (if a couple is struggling).

Please feel free to pass this podcast on to any friends or family members who would benefit from listening. 

Here are some of the things we talked about: 

–       The pre fertility diet (for women and adjustments needed for men) 

–       The foods to avoid and what to include 

–       Alcohol and caffeine – can you have them or not? 

–       Stress management, learning to let go and pregnancy prep 

–       The main emotional, physical and physiological barriers to planned pregnancy 

–       The importance of sleep and the best way to track ovulation 

–       And more 


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