Today on the podcast:

Lauren Hubert is a former fad dieter turned registered dietitian. 

Lauren got her bachelor of Science in dietetics from Florida State master of science in clinical nutrition from Boston University and has more than five years of weight loss coaching with over 1,000 women. 

Her goal is to help women lose weight and never gain it back again whilst loving their diet (and the way that they look) 

She is also the host of the podcast Hot, Healthy, Never Hungry which is available everywhere podcasts are found. 

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s show: 

  • How her weight gain inevitably led to fad diets which led to her becoming a dietitian
  • What to do if you are pretty fit but body fat is still high 
  • Weight loss plateau tips or how to get past a “stuck” point 
  • Choosing the best bread or carbs for weight loss and understanding the nutritional tradeoffs 
  • The context of why calories are not all created equal
  • Why low calorie isn’t always the best option 
  • The difference between healthy eating and “healthy eating for fat loss” 
  • And much more. 


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