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Owning It and Finding The Inspiration To Change Your Life! (Part 1)

DDP is a WWE Hall of Famer, 3X World Champion, Founder & CEO of DDPY, Actor, Author, and Inspirational Speaker!

The DDP story IS the heart of DDPY, a fitness program born out of necessity and reality. After years of wrestling injuries, including a broken back, DDP developed a real life workout that completely gave him his life back. His thinking was that if it could work for him, why not share it with others who want to own their lives again too?

Dallas has had some of the most inspirational transformations I have ever seen and is not just changing lives with his programs, he is also doing it with his online presence, his book Positively Unstoppable – The Art of Owning It and combinations of docuseries and films.

This is a two part episode. In today’s show we go into:

Episode Outline

  • 05:27 How he got into professional wrestling
  • 13:16 The importance of mindset with any success in life
  • 17:07 Overcoming our own worst enemy: ourselves
  • 22:18 Resurrection and Relentless – the film and docuseries
  • 25:30 How he broke his back professional wrestling and had to create a fitness program because doctors told him he would never wrestle again
  • 32:04 Who benefits the most from doing DDPY

Key Points

  • So many people live life with the “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude. Real opportunities manifest themselves when we believe first. It starts from the inside-out. It’s the art of owning our Id: that inner voice in your head telling you what you can and can’t do. Our self-limiting beliefs stem from stories we’ve learned to tell ourselves, often for decades since childhood. We need to drop such destructive stories and tell ourselves new ones. That’s the only way we can start living our lives not through the lens of “woe is me”, but through that of taking charge of our life.
  • Most of us have heard that “our worst enemy is ourselves”, but very few actually take advantage of that fact to start living a life by design and not by default. We all need to realize that no one can pull us down like we can. Nobody can worry us into a tailspin like ourselves. A Cornell University study found that 85% of the things we worry about never happen. Further, of the 15% of worries that came to pass, the study’s participants actually handled them better than they expected to.
  • It’s the little muscles – in our knees, shoulders, and hips, for example – that count in the long-term, and yet they tend to be the most neglected. DDP created his fitness program DDPY after his injury knowing that it’s vital to consistently strengthen and stretch our muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Particularly if you’re a professional athlete, preventative and maintenance work is so important. Why? Because a single injury can completely destroy your career.

Powerful Quotes by DDP

  • Flexibility is youth, not just in your body, but in your mind.
  • Nobody can do more damage to you than yourself.
  • Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.



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