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Evan Regan is a highly accomplished registered nutritionist and personal trainer with extensive experience working with high-performance athletes across multiple sporting disciplines, including rugby, Gaelic football, mixed martial arts (UFC), boxing, basketball (NBA), Australian football (AFL), American football (NFL), and soccer. 

As the Lead Academy Performance Nutritionist at Munster Rugby and Lead Performance Nutritionist & Dietician for Mayo GAA & Mayo LGFA, Evan has developed a reputation as a top-tier nutrition expert in the world of sports performance.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Evan offers a range of specialized nutrition packages that cater to the unique needs of athletes at all levels of competition. 

He also shares his expertise through his bestselling eBook, which offers practical guidance on topics such as optimal macronutrient intake, pre-and post-workout nutrition, and hydration strategies for athletes.

Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast. 

  • Optimizing pre and post-workout nutrition  
  • The role supplements play
  • A food first vs a food first but not food only approach 
  • The red, yellow, and green carb cycling method 
  • The diet danger zone after 8 pm
  • Sleep and underrated performance tools
  • Alcohol and the athlete (gym or sport) 


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