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Marcus Smith is an extreme athlete and coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. 

As a show fan favourite, lolong-termisteners will be familiar with him from episodes 141 Find Your Everest and Showing No Weakness with Marcus Smith, Episode 207 Marcus Smith – The Intensive Care Unit To Running 30 Marathons In 30 Consecutive Days (which is still one of my all-time personal favourites) and most recently episode 253 on Making Yourself Mentally Tougher and Building The Ultra-mindset.

He is also the founder of Inner Fight in Dubai and the host of the great podcast by the same name. 

EXPLICIT WARNING: This episode has more swearing than usual.  

Here are some of the things we spoke about in today’s episode. 

  • Getting personal growth through getting out of your comfort zone and seeking out adventure 
  • Races vs your own challenges (for any endurance enthusiasts) 
  • Using ultras, endurance and difficult challenges as a vehicle for self-discovery
  • Getting to the root of real pain point so you can stay motivated towards your goals
  • Why Marcus thinks people need to seek out challenges
  • Dealing with pain management and how the body keeps the score 
  • The RAKMAN and how Covid planting the extreme ironman seed
  • The role gratitude plays in endurance challenges 
  • And much more. 

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Previous podcast appearances: 

#253: Marcus Smith On Making Yourself Mentally Tougher And Building The ‘Ultra’ Mindset!   – Brian Keane Fitness

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Marcus Smith Podcast 141:


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