bkf online body transformation

Ursula - BKF Online

All I have to say is positive things about this programme. I loved the format, having a group of people to chat to and share ideas with and learn from. I've learnt so much from Brian on how my body should be fuelled, outlook on life and training technique. I was never hungry and had zero cravings. The programme resulted in my energy and strength going through the roof too
brian keane fitness online program transformation

Shane - BKF Online (8 weeks)

I’m very happy with the program. I hadn’t trained in 3 months and was surprised how well I responded. I never had any energy or motivation and had terrible sleep pattern due to shift work prior; but just a couple weeks in I noticed energy levels were A1!
brian keane fitness online program transformation

Amy - BKF Online (8 weeks)

I can't speak highly enough for the ongoing support. This programme has taught me so much regarding training and nutrition. I am eating far more then ever before getting better results and spending less time in the gym. My energy has doubled and I feel and look much healthier!
brian keane fitness online program transformation

Kate - BKF Online (8 weeks)

The difference in my fitness levels and mindset has been tremendous. The nutrition aspect of the program is great- it didn’t feel like a typical diet and I did not feel restricted. I would highly recommend the program – you never feel alone with the support!
brian keane fitness online program transformation

Lean Body Program (8 weeks)

I have been delighted with the improvements over the past few months. I debated for quite a while about whether to make the jump and sign up but have been thrilled with the results, both for performances on the pitch and the improvements in my physique!
bkf lean body program transformation

Gavin - Lean Body Program (8 weeks)

I found the gym program brilliant as it allows me to build size and strength while also improving my performance on the pitch. The nutrition plan is amazing, there are so many different options of food to choose from and you can just mix and match to whatever suits you. The recovery program really helped me, it takes away all the stiffness and soreness allowing me to reach my full potential on the pitch and in the gym.

Mark - BKF Online

Just a quick email man just to say you are the f**king man hahah! 3.5 weeks gone

Gary - Lean Body Program (8 Weeks)

Please find attached my 8 week progress pictures, I think they speak for themselves 😀 I've lost just about 5kg of what must be fat as I have never been this lean before 🙂 I think I have everyone I know told about the program as I am enjoying it that much! You always get back to any questions I have and are there to guide me in any way 🙂 Can't thank you enough!

Julie - BKF Online

Before I would never stick with a training/nutrition programme for longer than 6-8 weeks and I would wind up back where I started shortly after finishing the plan. With this programme I have really enjoyed the training and flexibility with food which allowed me to fit it into my lifestyle and never feel deprived. I still enjoyed my favourite foods and a couple of drinks on the weekends - this was crucial for me for sticking with the programme long term and to avoid the all or nothing approach I would have adopted in the past (ie. Avoiding social occasions, meals out etc). Three months later and I am thrilled with the results so far and eager to set new goals for myself. Brian and Emma have been so positive and encouraging throughout the whole process. I like how the programme has different phases so I feel great satisfaction when I progress to the next one. As Brian mentioned in one of his podcasts, progress is addictive, and seeing how my body has become stronger, fitter and leaner has been very empowering and rewarding. Looking forward to the next phase 🙂

Michael - Lean Body Program (16 weeks)

This is my four month progress on The lean body program. The gym program is excellent working for improved performance which I've really noticed on the field! The nutrition plan and recovery strategy are brilliant and have really helped me as I play both hurling and soccer. I'm constantly telling my teammates about the program and doing workouts with them. Really looking forward to phase 2.

Jack - Lean Body Program (16 weeks)

I play a high level of football and wanted something to bring me up to the next level, the gaa lean body program did exactly that.. improving everything for me, especially on the pitch.. I couldn't be happier and I feel unreal all thanks to brian. My transfermation from your program, I can't believe it I really can't .. 4 wish months

Jonathan - Lean Body Program (8 weeks)

The Lean Body Program has really transformed me this season. It has definitely brought my physique and game to another level. Physicality was never one of my strengths but by doing the workouts and recovery strategies every day all season I found it being one my strengths while also gaining speed ( beware of leg day, it's an absolute killer workout). The meal plans are unbelievable I've found a new love for food as there's loads of different option you can mix and match to find what's for you to meet your goals. The recovery plan is what sets it apart to other plans. You're constantly tearing fibres while doing these workouts and the recovery strategy makes sure that you are able to go again day after day. They all come with video assisted help for each every workout and also how to recover. If you're a GAA/Football player looking to bring your game and physique to the next level, look now further. Don't hesitate to invest in yourself!

John - Lean Body Program

I have been doing the program for 3 months now and just want to say thanks so much. My physique has completely changed and have you to thank. My performance has gone up great since starting the program. Speed and stamina have improved greatly. I’m currently in TY so have an easy year in school.