Colin Mullane - Transformation

I started my transformation with Brian the middle of 2014 and it’s by far and away the best thing I’ve done to date in relation to my body & health! My overall transformation was a loss of 6 stone / 38kg and over 25% bodyfat. He tailored my macros to suit my body and introduced me to Carb Cycling and a great varied style of working out. Brian was a big influence in educating me correctly on macros, food types, insulin sensitivity, etc which has stayed with me to date. Knowledge and hard work really is key! He was always only a message away via Text or Facebook Messenger and his encouragement and motivation was priceless. I’d highly recommend Brian for your own transformation whether it be culking up, cutting bodyfat or getting stage ready. A gent, a scholar and an out and out good guy!!

Jade Madden - Transformation

Where do I begin? When I first started with Brian I was afraid of the gym and healthy eating. I’m not gonna lie I was very fond of take aways. I knew after my first session with Brian that I had made the best decision and my only regret was not starting to train with him sooner. He showed me that the gym wasn’t a place to be afraid of and with his help we changed my diet around completely. He has a wealth of knowledge and I used to find myself trying to absorb as much information as I possibly could in my weekly sessions. I honestly can’t thank Brian enough for what he has done for me. I now lead a much healthier lifestyle and don’t think I will ever revert back to my old habits. I can’t recommend Brian highly enough.

Mark - BKF 90

Just a quick email man just to say you are the f**king man hahah! 3.5 weeks gone

Gary - Lean Body Program

8 Weeks

Please find attached my 8 week progress pictures, I think they speak for themselves πŸ˜€ I’ve lost just about 5kg of what must be fat as I have never been this lean before πŸ™‚ I think I have everyone I know told about the program as I am enjoying it that much! You always get back to any questions I have and are there to guide me in any way πŸ™‚ Can’t thank you enough!

Julie - BKF 90

Before I would never stick with a training/nutrition programme for longer than 6-8 weeks and I would wind up back where I started shortly after finishing the plan. With this programme I have really enjoyed the training and flexibility with food which allowed me to fit it into my lifestyle and never feel deprived. I still enjoyed my favourite foods and a couple of drinks on the weekends – this was crucial for me for sticking with the programme long term and to avoid the all or nothing approach I would have adopted in the past (ie. Avoiding social occasions, meals out etc). Three months later and I am thrilled with the results so far and eager to set new goals for myself. Brian and Emma have been so positive and encouraging throughout the whole process. I like how the programme has different phases so I feel great satisfaction when I progress to the next one. As Brian mentioned in one of his podcasts, progress is addictive, and seeing how my body has become stronger, fitter and leaner has been very empowering and rewarding. Looking forward to the next phase πŸ™‚

Michael - Lean Body Program

16 weeks

This is my four month progress on The lean body program. The gym program is excellent working for improved performance which I’ve really noticed on the field! The nutrition plan and recovery strategy are brilliant and have really helped me as I play both hurling and soccer. I’m constantly telling my teammates about the program and doing workouts with them. Really looking forward to phase 2.