Episode: 16

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How To Start A Podcast!

Today on the podcast:

If you’ve ever uttered the words “I wish I was on Instagram or YouTube earlier” then don’t let podcasts pass you as well. On top of going through the actual ‘nitty gritty’ of what you physically need to do to set up a podcast, I’ve also covered how to get your first 5 episodes completed and getting your first guests on to get out of that ‘escape velocity’’ of the first 11 episodes (the number most podcast stop at).

If you want to generate more leads for your business, build your personal brand or create another revenue stream, then be sure to listen to this episode.

  1. The equipment you need
  2. The software you need to set up
  3. The first 5 episodes to do
  4. How to get guests on your show

Business Seminar:
Galway City,
September 7th 2019

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