Episode: 53

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Using Social Media For Putting Out Content and Getting New Clients!

Today on the podcast:

I recorded this two weeks ago (before self-isolation) and released ‘Surviving The Lack Of Business During Covid-19!” last week – but today’s episode is probably even more relevant now with the recent surge of online content due to lockdown.

  • How I used pain points to create my new business course and how you can do the same for your personal training business.
  • The difference between using social media to build your business vs being an influencer
  • Keeping an eye on TikTok if you were late to Instagram
  • How to avoid the ‘will you have sex with me right now’ social media posts
  • Alternatives marketing strategies to consider(blog, email list, challenges, podcast, lead magnets)
  • My exact social media strategy for promoting my new online course (the same as what I did with my GAA Lean body program and BKF Online program)

For information on the new business course

Email brian@briankeanefitness.com with ‘add me to the online business course’ as the title

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